Hello! I’m Michael, a Graphic 3D Visualizer from Sweden.
I live in Stockholm and have been doing 3D-Visualizing for 15 years.

The world of CGI and 3D is huge, which I love, as there are many interesting
areas to explore and combine. I’m really into photo realism, and get a
kick out of setting the lighting, nailing the camera angles,
and bringing that analogue vibe into the pictures.

Nothing beats the fun of playing with 3D characters and creating crazy,
imaginary designs. The dynamics of shifting focus keeps me energized and happy.
So regardless of whether there is a big crew project or a one-man show
coming up – I’m ready for the action.

I got my education at the design school Hyper Island.
Then I went for 14 years of pure business training to get where I am today.

If you fancy my work, just give me a call and I’ll bring some coffee and tell
more about how I can help. And I promise to keep it easy.
Honest simplicity is my motto.

+46(0)70 610 23 03 Email Me